Firm Overview

Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen (KPWS) was founded by a group of veteran attorneys with vast litigation experience. The attorneys and support staff of KPW respond to their clients' needs and adapt legal strategies accordingly.

Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen focuses on all facets of insurance and liability claims. We service clients in first-party bad faith lawsuits, breach of contract actions and coverage litigation. We also represent clients in third-party actions in personal injury, slip-and-fall and motor vehicle accidents. Our attorneys draft coverage opinions and also represent carriers during the pre-suit process, conducting EUOs, drafting Civil Remedy Notice responses and offering coverage advice.

The well-qualified, distinguished and dedicated attorneys from a diverse range of backgrounds take immense pride in their client servicing abilities. The team-oriented approach at Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen incorporates cutting edge technology in representing our clientele.

Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen always keeps the client's best interests in mind, focusing on a cost-effective, results-oriented approach. Throughout the entire litigation process, Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen will be committed to achieving your litigation goals while also protecting your rights and interests.

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