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Jason Wolf Prepares for Hurricane Season Claims

In preparation for this year’s hurricane season, Jason Wolf weighs in on the future of the National Flood Insurance Program in this article from Insurance Quotes.

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Marcus Susen and Justin Parafinczuk Push for Change Against Essure

Marcus Susen and Justin Parafinczuk are pushing for an FDA ban on Essure birth control. They were interviewed by the Daily Business Review's Celia Ampel.

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Justin Parafinczuk Shares Hotel Security Advice

How safe is your hotel? Justin Paraficzuk supplies tips hotel management teams can take to make sure their properties are secure.

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Jason Wolf Offers Advice to Agents Post-Hurricane

After a harsh 2017 hurricane season, Jason Wolf provides best practices for insurance agents dealing with a high-volume of claims.

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Justin Parafinczuk Provides Tips on Hotel Security

Hotels are vulnerable to security threats, but Justin Parafinczuk provides valuable insight on keeping guests safe and avoiding legal issues.

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Jason Wolf Helps Hoteliers Recover After Natural Disasters

Jason Wolf shares steps hoteliers can take to smooth the claims process and get back in business following a natural disaster.

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Jason Wolf's Q&A on the Hurricane Claims Process

With an abundance of claims filed following Hurricane Irma, Jason Wolf sat down with to discuss the claims process and moving forward.

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Jason Wolf Provides Insight for Hurricane Damage Claims Process

Did you suffer damage following Hurricane Irma? Jason Wolf provides guidance on filing your claim.

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Marcus Susen Interviewed by WPLG Local 10 News

Marcus Susen supplies readers with valuable insight on the history of the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills following over a dozen tragic deaths due to power outages caused by Hurricane Irma.

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Justin Parafinczuk Shares Advice on Reporting Sexual Harassment

Justin Parafinczuk shares a legal point of view on the #MeToo movement. 

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Austin Carr and Lakeisha Cannon Win Big Against Tobacco

Austin Carr and Lakeisha Cannon helped seal the deal on a $2.94 million case against a tobacco company.

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Jason Wolf Helps New South Florida Property Owners Prep for Hurricane Season

Are you new to the South Florida area? Hurricane season can wreck havoc, so you'll want to make sure you're prepared. Jason Wolf provides some tips to ensure that you're insured. 

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Austin Carr Secures $2.4M Against Tobacco

Austin Carr's continued fight against tobacco companies resulted in securing $2.4 million for his client.

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Marcus Susen and Justin Parafinczuk Named to Essure Plaintiff Steering Committee

Marcus Susen and Justin Parafinczuk have been handled the litigation involving Essure prior to any other lawyers filing similar suits, representing more than 1,000 women who had adverse reactions to the permanent birth control device. Now, they have been appointed to leadership positions on the PLaintiff's Steering Committee for Essure.

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Marcus Susen Pens an Opinion Editorial on Essure

Despite the recet FDA restrictions on Essure, Marcus Susen urges more changes to take place.

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Justin Parafinczuk Responds to FDA Restrictions on Essure Birth Control

Justin Parafinczuk weighs in on the new guidelines the FDA has placed on Essure, the permanent form of birth control. 

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Marcus Susen Interviewed by Brian Mudd on New Generator Laws

Marcus Susen weighs in on the new state laws regulating generators in nursing homes following multiple deaths caused by Hurricane Irma power outages.

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Austin Carr Continues Fight Against Tobacco

Austin Carr is helping clients in the fight against tobacco companies.

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Justin Parafinczuk Published in the Daily Business Review

Justin Parafinczuk sheds light on the legal process behind sexual assault claims.

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