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If you’re a professional athlete, coach or executive, chances are high that many people want your money. Everyone has a good idea, but who can you trust? Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen, is on retainer for several pro athletes to assess the legal exposure of their prospective deals. When our athlete clients are presented with a deal, we discuss the pros and cons, and legal ramifications of the arrangement. When necessary, we negotiate with the other party for a contract which protects our athlete clients.

Professional athletes have unique needs. We review deals in a wide range of subject areas, from contractual disputes with agents, marketing and endorsement agreements, NCAA, estate planning, injuries due to faulty equipment and family related legal issues. It is critical to consult with a lawyer with experience and knowledge specific to the sports industry.

Our understanding of pro sports, and our commitment to innovation, integrity, and advocacy has proven effective in achieving results for our clients. Call (954) 462-6700 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

Comprehensive Sports Law Services in Florida

Our firm represents athletes, coaches, managers, organizations, agents, and other professionals involved in the sports industry. We assist clients with various sports law issues, such as:

  • Risk Management/Reduction: Analyzing and assessing the legal risks of any and all contracts entered into by our athlete clients;
  • Contracts: Reviewing, negotiating, and drafting agreements between athletes and other interested parties. (agency agreements, marketing deals, trademark protection, sponsorship agreements);
  • Litigation: Representation of clients in matters involving breach of contract, and other sports litigation (injuries, equipment, collective bargaining, arbitration asset protection)

Ensure that your rights and interests are fully preserved in any legal matter which you face. Talk with the Fort Lauderdale sports law attorneys at Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen

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