Workers’ Compensation Defense

For over 30 combined years, Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen, has provided the highest quality legal services to insurers and employers in the areas of workers' compensation defense, defense against accusations of willful misconduct and labor law violations, workers’ compensation subrogation, and workers’ compensation fraud.

Koch Parafinczuk Wolf Susen’s aggressive defense posture and extensive experience in workers’ compensation defense has provided unparalleled results for insurers and employers throughout the State of Florida. We know the law, we recognize the issues, and we utilize every possible defense against improper workers’ compensation claims and actions.

We look at every aspect of the circumstances leading up to the alleged accident, how the accident actually occurred, we carefully analyze the medical evidence and prior medical history to determine whether a pre-existing condition is at play. We have had substantial success in uncovering workers’ compensation fraud and establishing third-party liability. Employers and insurers should not pay one penny more than the claim merits.

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